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​Steve Meagher MPT, CEAS

Ideal If You:

Work with a computer in the office or at home.
Suffer from a Repetitive Stress Injury, or have pain with work activities,
Have worked with a Physician, Physical Therapist or Chiropractor to relieve pain,
Visit a Massage Therapist to relieve tension or pain after work, 

Pain at work is the first sign of a Repetitive Stress Injury.  Simple interventions can prevent a small ache from becoming a debilitating injury. 

Site Solutions Free 30 minute Ergonomic Webinar shows you simple adjustments you can make to the workstation to minimize pain.

This Webinar will show you how to: 

  • Adjust your chair to support a comfortable neutral posture
  • Position your keyboard/mouse to relieve wrist stress
  • Arrange your monitors to decrease neck/shoulder tension 
  • Stand correctly for maximum benefit!

Learn the Secrets of Working Pain Free!!
Site Solutions 30 minute Ergonomic Webinar

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