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Site Solutions is a network of Physical and Occupational Therapists dedicated to maximizing employee productivity and minimizing the risk of injury through ergonomic training and education. We believe that ergonomics training revolves around understanding the demands of the job as well as the preferences and habits of the employee; not a sales tool to sell ergonomic equipment.  We strive to teach the employee to use the equipment they already have and only recommend equipment that is truly needed. Our therapists have experience in outpatient and occupational medicine clinics treating repetitive stress injuries as well as advanced ergonomics training.

Site Solutions was founded in 1997 as a way of helping patients suffering from repetitive stress injuries outside of the clinic. We could only help them so much in the confines of the clinic but looking at the workstation we could help identify and eliminate the cause of the injury. Since then Site Solutions has become a trusted ergonomic training resource for companies of all sizes from Fortune 500 to entrepreneurs working at home. Site Solutions has been honored to speak at the Nation Ergonomics Conference and Exposition and has contributed to PCWorld magazine and the Ronn Owens show on KGO radio.

Site Solutions is an innovator within the ergonomics training community by changing our service to meet the changing needs of our clients. Our programs have expanded from on-site one on one assessment and small group presentations to live on-line video training and one and two day training programs. Site Solutions newest program is our Train the Evaluator DVD training program. This is the first in a series of training programs to train in-house evaluators to prevent ergonomic injuries.

Areas Served

- San Francisco Bay Area
- East Bay
- South Bay
- North Bay
- Greater Sacramento Area
- Greater Los Angeles and San Diego Counties

About Steve Meagher

Steve Meagher is a Physical Therapist and founder of Site Solutions Inc., a
network ofPhysical and Occupational Therapists that provide ergonomic evaluations and training programs. He has a Masters in Physical Therapy and has completed ergonomic certification courses with Kaiser Permanente, Matheson and the Back School of Atlanta.

He is a dynamic and engaging speaker who has spoken at the national ergonomics conference for the past four years and given presentations sponsored by such large companies as Staples, 3M and PG&E. Steve has also trained office managers and internal personnel at Kaiser Permanente, ADP and numerous other companies. Steve has been a guest on the Ronn Owens radio program four times and recently contributed to articles in PC World magazine and the Contra Costa Times. Steve created The Ergonomic Innovations Group, a forum for ergonomists to discuss current issues/solutions.  Steve has also created Swing Easy Fitness, an in office golf exercise program. He has also just begun a pilot program to evaluate a new concept in corporate fitness.

Site Solutions has become a trusted source of cost-effective ergonomic solutions for insurance companies such as Chubb & son, State fund, Travelers, and State Farm. Fortune 500 companies such as Deliotte, Ernst and Young, Safeway, ADP and Kaiser Permanente as well as non-profits Earth Justice, California parks and Save the Redwoods have called on Site Solutions for ergonomic evaluations. Steve has worked with emerging companies with fewer than ten employees as well.

Since 1997 Steve has been helping people prevent or overcome repetitive stress injuries.  Through ergonomic intervention and education he has helped thousands of employees maximize efficiency and productivity. Steve worked with the ergonomists for Abbott laboratories and their chair manufacturer to create a training video demonstrating the hows and whys of using the new standard office chair. This video has become a quick reference guide for all 2000 employees at the Santa Clara facility.

Steve is changing the field of ergonomic training by teaching evaluators how to look at the employee doing the work rather than the just the equipment and design of the workstation.  This approach contrasts with how most evaluators are trained to look at the workstation. Steve understands that while the solutions to maximizing efficiency are grounded in the sciences of physics, biomechanics and kinesiology, they are influenced by  the art of understanding employee preferences, habits and individual needs. To empower evaluators to be as effective and insightful as possible at solving ergonomic problems he must teach the art of ergonomics not just the science.

Steve is also a competitive athlete. He has completed four Ironman Triathlons, swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco and run marathons including the Boston Marathon twice. He rode his unicycle 3849 feet up Mt Diablo for a birthday challenge and last year rode a Penny Farthing named the Emma Dodd across California. He is learning to play the Bagpipe in his spare time!