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Remote Office Ergonomic Assessment

A remote office ergonomic assessment is a great alternative for those who telecommute or are not near a consultant who can provide an on-site assessment. Using web-cams and GoToMeeting hook ups it is like having a therapist in your office without the wait!

An email requesting pictures of you in your workstation will be sent with examples of the picture that are needed to best identify potential risks and areas of concern. Once these pictures have been received and reviewed, appointment booking information will be sent so you can schedule an on-line assessment.

Prior to the appointment a link to an on-line meeting site will be sent to you. Simply click on the links and we will be connected! A live video feed allows you to see our therapist as they review your pictures. If you have a web-cam the therapist can see exactly how you are making the changes. If equipment is needed it will be discussed with you so you know how it would help decrease identified risks.

A written report with pictures and recommended changes and equipment (if needed) will be completed during the evaluation and sent to you before the end of the assessment. Vendor information can be provided if needed. 

Below are some examples we will be asking for in the form you will submit.  Please note that we can not begin the paperwork for you until you have submitted pictures similar to those below. 

To begin the remote assessment process, please download the form (Word doc), complete it including adding pictures as instructed and then email to the address listed.