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We have certified ergonomic evaluators located throughout the Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles Area, and San Diego Area.  Our network of ergonomists have extensive clinical knowledge of treating RSI in the clinic as well as addressing root causes in the workstation.

Our 18 evaluators are licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists, and registered nurses.  All staff members have medical degrees as well as experience treating in a clinical setting.  Our evaluators have an ergonomic certification, such as the CEAS, CIE, or CAE.  Our evaluators spend an extensive amount of time understanding products on the market and how those can support an effective ergonomic set up in the workstation.  We do not sell ergonomic equipment but do evaluate the best and most economical options available in the marketplace.

Site Solutions ergonomic consultants work with employees before an injury as well as with employees after an injury, when there is an open workers’ compensation case.  We have seen employees in office, hospital and industrial settings.

We can refer you to a vendor or work with your vendor of choice to ensure a seamless process between evaluation and implementation of recommendations.  We will also work with you to document and create an effective onsite ergonomic program.

Steve Meagher, MPT, Founder, Site Solutions

Steve Meagher, Founder

After completing graduate studies in physical therapy and working for nearly a decade as a registered therapist in clinical settings, Steve Meagher founded Site Solutions in 1997 for the prevention and treatment of cumulative trauma disorders and repetitive stress injuries in office environments.

Steve earned a master’s degree from Chapman University at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, where he completed the orthopedic physical therapy program in one of the most respected and oldest post-graduate physical therapy departments in the United States. His clinical rotations included specialized hand therapy training and general orthopedics at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland.  In addition, Steve received training in occupational and sports medicine and completed a year-long program in the “Australian Method” of therapy. Based upon a three-stage process — assess, treat, re-assess — this method emphasizes continuous analysis and treatment modification, often promoting a patient’s rapid return to normal function and daily activity.  During the 1990s, he worked extensively at Kaiser medical centers in San Francisco, Union City, and Walnut Creek.

Regarded as an articulate resource for ergonomic issues, workplace safety, and office product innovations, in recent years Steve has been interviewed by the Contra Costa Times,  KRON-TV News, CNET and KGO Radio in San Francisco.  Steve has also been a presenter at the National Ergonomics Expo in Las Vegas Nevada.

April Meagher, Owner - Site Solutions

April Meagher, Owner

April Meagher has been an owner and business partner with Site Solutions, Inc. since 2009.  She was married to Steve Meagher, founder of Site Solutions for 15 years.  She is now the sole owner.  April has a background in education and sales, along with a CEAS ergonomic certification through Back School of Atlanta.  It is her goal to partner with clients to provide a solid ergonomic program and ergonomic solutions.  April has two daughters and a very lovable dog.

Anne Teutsch, Office Manager, Site Solutions

Anne Teutsch, Office Manager

Anne Teutsch has been with Site Solutions since 2016.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a minor in Kinesiology from the University of the Pacific. Anne has a CEAS Ergonomic Certification through Back School of Atlanta.  She is our equipment expert and spends time working with product and equipment vendors to ensure we provide the best information to our clients in regards to ergonomic products available in the marketplace today.  Anne has a husband, two sons, and two cats.