Our Training Programs

We offer a wide range of training programs to suit the needs of your organization. Each training option is tailored to the needs of your staff. Whether a customized staff training video, a one-hour presentation, or a full-day ergonomics training course, we have a solution for you.

One Hour Presentation

Recommended For Staff

Our one-hour presentation is available to groups of up to 20 staff. It includes a four-page employee manual reviewing ergonomic principles, as well as a laminated exercise guide.  The presentation addresses the following topics:

  • Cumulative Trauma Disorders, their underlying causes, and how they progress into injuries.
  • The connection between posture and the risk of injury.
  • Correct positioning of chair and workstation using ergonomic principles.
  • Exercises to reduce stress and fatigue associated with prolonged sitting.

This training can be conducted on-site or via webinar.

45-Minute Work from Home Webinar

Recommended For Staff Working from Homm

We have developed a 45-minute work-from-home webinar for your employees. The webinar’s goal is not to recommend purchasing a ton of new equipment, but to teach your employees how to utilize what they have at home and make it work.

Our webinar is a wonderful way to reach a large population of staff to arm them with professional information to set up their home workstation. Some employees will need more personalized guidance, and we can work one-on-one using remote evaluations for staff who need additional support. We have been proactive in customizing recommended lists of preferred home office equipment to match the employee needs and meet our client’s budgeting goals.